Cool German Shepherd Dog Names

Male & Female: Cute Puppy Names for German Dog Breeds – Boxer, Doberman, Dachshund

There are so many smart and cute dogs of German ancestry and, well, it’s quite a bit of fun to give little puppies the “richtig” name that matches their German lineage. Dogs really respond to German names and commands. If any pup won’t obey his/her master’s command to “sit”, the owner should try barking, “SitzenSieHund!” like a commandant. Somehow, the dog will understand Deutsch. Hey, German is not the language of romance.

German Dog Breeds

Here are just a few of the breeds of dogs that originated in Germany:

  • Affenpinscher (Affe means monkey)
  • Boxer
  • Dachshund
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • German Shepherd
  • Schnauzer
  • Great Dane
  • Pomeranian (and even the Poodle)
  • Rottweiler
  • Spitz

German Dog Names for Males

Here are some tough-guy-to-the-max names for German dogs of any size. Pick a few of these and try them out to see if the pup perks up at the sound:

  • Axel (father of peace), Adler (eagle), Arno (the eagle rules)
  • Barrett (brave as a bear), Bismarck (a royal family), Blitz or Blitzer (lightning), Bruno (brown), Bronson (brown’s son), Bing (from kettle-shaped hollow)
  • Falko (means falcon, name of pop singer on “Der Kommissar”)
  • Gerhard (brave spear, pronounced GARE-Hart), Gunter (warrior, pronounced “goon-ter”), Gunnar (battle), Gustav (royal staff, GOO-stoff)
  • Hacket (little hacker), Helmut (means helmet, pronounced HELL-Moot), Heinrich (home ruler, HIGHN-rick with a bit of spit at the end), Heinz (pronounced High-ntz)
  • Kaiser (king, KIGH-zer, and a great German Shepherd name), Karl (free man, or maybe free dog), Klaus (victory of the people, Klow-ss), Kolton (coal town, good for black dog), Kolby (dark haired)
  • Luger (gun, pronounced LOO-gur), Ludwig (famous fighter, LOOD-vig)
  • Max (greatest), Manfred or Manfried (man of peace, MAN-fred in English or MAWN-freed in German), Meister (master, MIGH-ster), Milo (merciful)
  • Otto (wealth)
  • Panzer (panther)
  • Ruger (type of gun, ROO-gur, nice Rottweiler name), Rainer or Rayner (advisor warrior), Rolf, Rudy, or Rudolf (famous wolf), Rupert (shining)
  • Siegfried (peace through victory, SEEG-freed), Saxon (dagger)
  • Wagner (wagon-maker, VOG-ner), Wolfgang (wolf path, pronounced VOOLF-gong in German)

German Girl Dog Names

Many German names for girls just don’t translate well into English. The sound is too large and harsh. On the other hand, Berta is just so darn cute and suited to a big Rottweiler, Boxer, or Schnauzer.

  • Berta or Bertha (famous and bright, in English pronounced Burr-tah or Burr-thah, in German both are BEAR-tah), Binga (from the kettle-shaped hollow), Brunhilde (battle armor, pronounced BRUN-hill-dah)
  • Dagmar (dear, great), Dina (spear ruler, Deena), Dotzi
  • Elke (noble, pronounced ELL-kee in English, ELL-kuh in German), Elda (warrior)
  • Frieda (peace, pronounced FREE-duh)
  • Gretchen, Greta or Gretel (pearl)
  • Heide (noble one, pronounced HIGH-Dee), Helga (holy), Hilda (battle, war)
  • Petra (stone, pronounced like pet), Pawla (small, Polish/German name)
  • Trudi (spear maiden, short for Gertrude), Tildy (battle mighty)
  • Ulla (to fill up, OO-la), Ursula (little she-bear)

Cute Cool Small Dachshund Names

These names (actually, all the names on this list) can be used for huge dogs or tiny pups. However, the following names (and nicknames) can be especially awesome, adorable, or funny on a Standard Dachshund, Miniature Dachshund, Mini Schnauzer, Pomeranian, or any other small pooch.

  • Adolf (noble wolf, sometimes this can be a funny name for a dachshund, because he’s a little German guy who thinks he’s a big-shot), Arnold (eagle ruler, like Schwartzenegger)
  • Baldwyn or Baldo (brave friend, good for hairless bald dog), Bettler (beggar), Bratwurst (for a Dachsund or a bratty pup), Bruder (brother, pronounced BREW-der), Bitte (please, pronounced bittah)
  • Danke (thanks, pronounced DON-kuh)
  • Frankfurt (excellent Dachshund puppy name), Freitag (Friday, pronounced FRY-tog, as in “Thank God it’s Freitag!), Friedrich (peaceful ruler, pronounced Freedrichk, try to gargle a bit when saying the “r” sound, his nickname would be Fritz), Fritzi (girl’s version of Fritz)
  • Hans or Hansel (nicknames for Johan, pronounced Hawnz), Hündchen (means doggy, HOOND-chen)
  • Kleiner (shorter, pronounced KLIGH-ner), Klinger (lives in valley), Kringle (pretzel)
  • Lump or Lumpchen (rogue, scoundrel), Liebe (love, pronounced LEEB-uh), Lulu (pronounced Loo-loo), Liebling (lover, sweetie, pronounced LEE-bling, often for boys)
  • Mitzi (nickname for Mary or Miriam), Morgen (morning)
  • Schnapps (dry liquor, shnops), Schnell (faster, quickly, active, pronounced shnell), Schatzi (darling or sweetie, say it as SHOT-zee), Schnitzel (fried steak), Strudel (pastry)
  • Winken (wave hello, pronounced VING-ken auf Deutsch, though cool in English pronunciation, too), Waldo (nickname for Oswald, Waldemar, etc.)
  • Zeiger (pointer, TZIGH-ger), Zucker (sugar, pronounced TZOOK-er)

A dog doesn’t have to be a German breed to have a Teutonic name. Some dogs just respond to the bark-like quality of Germanic pronunciations. On the other hand, many German Pointers, German Shepherds, Dachshunds, and Rotties feel quite at home with their mother tongue.

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