Christmas Presents for Dogs

If your dogs are part of your family there is nothing more exciting than seeing them rip the paper off the presents you have bought them, or pull things out of their “doggy stockings.”

If money is no object Harrods, the famous Knightsbridge store, has a wonderful pet department where there is an amazing range of pet gifts and accessories for your four-legged friend. But be prepared to take out a mortgage to pay for most of them. It is possible to buy rugby shirts and other coats there for your pooch at prices you can afford and it is certainly worth visiting the store at Christmas, especially the pet department.

For those with a limited budget you can buy a wide variety of gifts online for under £10, as well as the more expensive items like dog beds.

Under £5


  • “I Believe in Santa Paws” T shirts.
  • “Gift Unwrapper”, “Santa Don’t Forget Me” and Elf Hats
  • Clinch-it collars, bright new range of colours with a safety lock.
  • Green velvet bell collars and green velvet collars with white trim
  • Plush Puppies Rhinestone Collars


  • Squeaky ho hoho bones
  • Reindeer Loofah “12”
  • Christmas Pudding Tennis Ball on a rope
  • Christmas squeaky toys
  • Rawhide Snap Cracker
  • Christmas cracker dog treat.

Under £10


  • Boutique Armitage star collars
  • Festive sweaters
  • Festive Christmas Coats
  • Santa dog coat and hat
  • “Outward Hound” designer cool-it bandana


  • Red plastic dog bed
  • Three Peak Crass Mat
  • Microwave Puppy Comforter
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Oval Cushion beds

For those pampered pooches whose owners do not mind what they spend on them there is a great range of “personal” gifts at Pressies4Dogs.

  • Personalised dog cakes
  • Personalised fleece coats
  • Personalised warm towelling dog bath robes
  • Personalised dog food spoons and forks
  • Personalised dog food and water bowls
  • Personalised dog scarves and hats.

There is a nice selection of soft dog beds for you to choose from from £14.99 on NetPetShop

To many people the family pet is as much a part of the family as their human owners and their presents are put under the tree like all the others. They also have their own canine stockings which are hung up and filled by Father Christmas. If you want to give your dog chocolate at Christmas buy some of the special dog chocolate items that are available at all good pet stores. Ordinary chocolate contains caffeine which is poisonous to dogs and can kill them. In the same way nuts are very bad for canines, so do not give these to your pets. They can have a small portion of your Christmas Turkey or goose as that will not cause them any harm.